Livestock Development

Integrated Livestock Development Centre (ILDC)
Livestock development forms the core of the JK Trust Gram VikasYojana's initiatives. The main objective of livestock development activities is to upgrade the local indigenous low milk-yielding cows and buffaloes by breeding them through Artificial Insemination (A.I) with the use of high pedigree frozen semen of indigenous/ exotic breeds. The resulting upgraded progeny with an improved genetic makeup will have a far better milk yielding capacity. .
This is achieved through a special program called the "Cattle Breed Improvement Program" or "CBIP"using an innovative project concept of an "Integrated Livestock Development Centre" or "ILDC" The program operator, the “Gopal" is the one who monitors each centre and is usually an educated rural youngster who is extensively trained for four months to carry out animal breeding and health and nutrition related services. 
The Gopal is provided with a motorcycle to carry out breeding and provide other veterinary services like veterinary first aid, castration of scrub bulls, de-worming, preventive vaccination against various diseases, infertility treatment etc. All these services are provided at the doorstep of the farmers. Activities of these program operators are supervised and monitored by qualified veterinarians. The entire program is monitored by a hierarchy of monitoring officers and project managers at village-block-district-state level and controlled centrally from our Head Office in Mumbai.

The Trust is operating a network of 2550 Integrated Livestock Development (ILD) Centres in 97 Districts of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Telangana as on 30th September 2020. Through these centres, we are providing veterinary services to over 25,000 villages in these states.

B. Mobile Veterinary Support Services
Timely availability of veterinary services is the key to livestock management. Keeping this in mind, a project of deploying a mobile veterinary clinic was conceived, designed and approved by the governments of Chhattisgarh and Odisha for the areas covered under the livestock development projects already running in these states.

Purposes served by Mobile Veterinary Units (MVUs)

  • Provide doorstep Veterinary Services (Curative, advisory and breeding)
  • Examine the health condition of the animals and treat them accordingly.
  • Facilitate "control and contain" the disease outbreaks.
  • Improve breeding efficiency by treating infertility cases in animals.
  • Propagate frozen semen technology and artificial insemination in Cattle and Buffaloes for improving milk production through genetic up-gradation.
  • Support and strengthen the activities taken through ILDCs.