A journey of thousand miles begins with one step – Lao Tzu

A developmental vision of social progress of rural India triggered the need to improve the breed of farm animals and hence, in 1970 Raymond Ltd. established a sheep breeding farm in Dhule (Maharashtra) for research in sheep management, nutrition, health and reproduction.

1977 witnessed a landmark breakthrough when Raymond became the first organization in India to successfully introduce embryo transfer in sheep under the aegis of our current CEO, Dr. Shyam Zawar.

In 1979, the Prime Minister of Australia, Mr. Malcolm Fraser visited us and applauded our efforts in sheep breeding.

1983 was a year of surpassing a key milestone when Raymond Embryo Research Centre (RERC) was set up in Gopalnagar near Bilaspur in Chhatisgarh state, which gained national recognition owing to its pioneering and extensive work in the field of embryo transfer in cattle. The embryo transfer laboratory of RERC is a house of cutting edge technology innovation and a centre of excellence in the area of embryo transfer for cattle breed improvement.

1997 was the year when the experience we earned over a period of time started paying rich dividends. Three decades worth of technical expertise was channelized towards rural India for the benefit of thousands of farmers. Artificial insemination in cattle and buffaloes was adopted as a tool of scientific breeding to improve the milk production of the country.

A transformation of India's rural landscape had begun!

The J. K. Trust Gram Vikas Yojana (JKTGVY) was launched!