Training and Extension

The JKTGVY understands the importance of right training for right implementation of projects at the grass root level. Hence, we are investing not only in extensive theoretical and practical training to the Gopals, but also in areas such as cattle breeding, improvement in agriculture, fodder cultivation, soil and water conservation etc. through on-farm, off-farm and non-farm activities.

Recently, we have crossed another milestone with the inauguration of the Dr. Vijaypat Singhania Training Institute for Rural Development at Gopalnagar, Chhattisgarh which is accredited by Govt of India.

A quick look at the infrastructure of the training institute:

  1. The institute is spread across 18 acres and has training halls, auditorium and a hostel for the accommodation of 100 trainees at a time, with separate quarters for the officers and staff

  2. There are separate demonstration areas for agriculture, livestock management and other allied activities

  3. The institute is well equipped and well managed with the support of qualified faculty members.