Case Studies

Success Story 1 (State – Orissa)

Transforming Lives - How a differently-abled farmer made a difference to his life?
Tulsiram Bhoi, a 26-year old man living with his wife and an eight-year old son, at village Kopia of Sinapali block in Nuapada District, is a source of inspiration for numerous youth in and around the village. Having lost his right leg in an accident in Hyderabad where he had gone to earn his livelihood, Tulsiram returned to his village, but only to encounter further disappointment. Unable to meet rising debt, he decided to sell off his two cows, which he had purchased through a loan facility.

Around the same time, our Gopal, Mr. Rakesh Beg, who was the centre in-charge for our newly set up ILDC at Makhapadar in the vicinity of the village, contacted him and informed him about the benefits of artificial insemination in cattle. Later, AIs were performed on his cows, which resulted in two healthy calves.

When the Trust decided to initiate a pilot programme on the "Milk Procurement and Marketing" scheme in some of villages in Nuapada, Tulsiram came forward and requested for assistance. Observing his strong will, he was made a beneficiary under this pilot milk marketing scheme. We studied the potential of milk production in the village and the best market facilities in the vicinity of the village. Through our scheme, we provided training to Tulsiram for milk collection and testing. We also enabled his selling it to a nearby milk collection centre of The Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation, also known as OMFED. After the training, he was given two cans of 20 litres each with stands, a lacto meter, a measurement set and other supports.

The pilot program was launched at his village on July 28, 2014 and Tulsiram started working as a milkman in Kopia. As a result of the scheme and his hard work, he now collects around 30 litres of milk every day and earns Rs.4,500 per month by selling milk at Sinapali, a nearby township. Tulsiram is happy with getting a permanent source of income in his own village and has become an inspiration for the other youth of Kopia.

Success Story 2 (State - Haryana)
Being a Gopal pays off well for this Bedhtal youngster

Mahendra Kumar of Bedhtal village in Yamuna Nagar district earns a decent amount and is one of the most efficient Gopals - locally trained paravets, of the J.K. Trust Gram Vikas Yojana. Within three years of working as the person-in-charge of the Trust's ILDC in Ahluwala, he has earned over Rs.2.9 lakh as sustenance allowance and incentives and has considerably improved his living standards.

Life wasn't always the same for Mahendra before joining the Trust. His family's only asset was a one acre land, which was not enough to take care of the family needs. However, after coming to know about the openings with the J.K. Trust for the position of Gopal, he applied and got selected. After four month's training, he was appointed as a Gopal at ILDC, Ahluwala, in July 2011.

Initially, the dairy farmers refused to call him for AI services, but with his persistence, quality service and hard work, he overcame the initial resistance and proved himself to be a great asset in increasing the dairy productivity of farmers by providing AI and other veterinary services. He now does an average of 170 AIs every month, reaching out to a large number of farmers in the vicinity of the ILD centre.

Not only has his efforts helped improve the breed quality of cattle in the target villages, it has also helped him and his family improve their living standards. From the emoluments he earned by providing services as a Gopal, he purchased two Murrah Buffaloes by paying Rs 1.3 lakh and now supplies 12 litres milk daily to the Yamuna Nagar market at Rs. 34per litre, thus supplementing his income to take good care of his family. He is thankful to JKTGVY for changing his life for good.

Success Story 3 (State - Chhattisgarh)
Understanding the benefits of Fodder
The JKTGVY distributed plantation material - Hybrid Napier (CO-4) slips to Mr Chandshekhar Harith at the Khairjhitti village of Fingeshwar block in the Gariyaband district of Chhattisgarh. He sowed Napier in five dismal land pockets. Once the Napier was grown, the same was chopped and fed to the cattle. As a result of feeding Napier (green fodder) to the cattle, the milk productivity of the dairy animals increased significantly, augmenting the income for the farmer significantly. It motivated him to increase the production of Napier by sowing on a larger farm land – 10 dismal, instead of five. Chandshekhar then informed his other farmer friends about the benefits of feeding Napier to cattle to increase their productivity. Seeing the results, more and more farmers are now approaching us for Napier slips.

Success Story 4 (State - Haryana)
Paving the way to success
Surender, a farmer living in the Naglarudan village, Indri block of Karnal district of Haryana, earned his livelihood from two acres of borrowed agriculture land and daily wages. Needless to add, whatever little he earned was not enough to feed a family of six members solely dependent on him. Surender had only one crossbred cow in the beginning and was not aware of breeding and other veterinary services as the Veterinary Hospital was far away from his village. In 2011, the J.K. Trust Gram Vikas Yojana established an Integrated Live Stock Development Centre (ILDC) under the CBIP project in Naglarudan village and appointed Jasmir Singh as the Gopal to provide AI and other services to the villagers.

Surender came to know about the doorstep A.I services from our Gopal and got his cow inseminated in July 2011. The cow gave birth to a HF cross female calf in May 2012. At 14 months of age, this crossbred heifer(F1) was inseminated when it expressed the signs of first heat and a F2 female crossbred calf was born in April 2014.

Jasmir has got the calf vaccinated and de-wormed and is using the mineral mixture provided by the J.K. Trust to feed his cows to increase milk production.

Now, Surender has three CB cows and four buffaloes and is getting 24 litres of milk/day which he sells at Rs 40/litre in a nearby market. Consequently, his monthly earning is now approximately Rs.28,800. "Earlier I was unable to feed my family properly, but now, thanks to the J K Trust, we are relishing various dishes prepared in milk on a daily basis", says Surender with a smiling face.

Success Story 5 (State - Haryana)
Work hard and the good things will follow!
Balakhan, a resident of Nagla village in Ambala district of Haryana, had a non-descript cow. He deeply desired to own a crossbred cow, but could not afford to do so due to his limited sources of income. In 2011, he came to know that the J.K.Trust Gram Vikas Yojana was providing quality breed improvement services for cattle. So, he contacted our Gopal, Mr. Surender Kumar, at Tharwa ILDC and got his cow inseminated in Feb 2011. In November 2011, the cow delivered a female calf. As a result of good care, the F1 female calf came into heat and got inseminated in November 2013.

Now, Balakhan sells around six litres of milk per day and earns around Rs 180/day. His family members are also able to consume three litres of milk, providing them with the required nutrients for healthy living. From the extra income he earned, Balakhan got his house repaired. He now wants to increase his herd size to five crossbred cows!

Success Story 6 (State - Chhattisgarh)
Story of ILDC Kumharkhan - Mission of JK Trust Accomplished.

Name of the centre- Kumhankhar, District-Kankar (CG)
The J.K.Trust Gram Vikas Yojana is working to up lift the socio-economical status of poor tribal people in Bastar region of Chhatisgarh. An ILDC was established at Kumhankhar in Kankar district in June 2009. When Mr. Vinod Kumar Jain was posted as the Gopal of this centre, the people of this village and of the surrounding villages lacked awareness about the improved breeds of cattle and Artificial Insemination. They were not aware of the benefits of owning crossbred animals. They were just keeping animals to sell for a paltry sum of Rs.300-500/- to local vendors. The Gopal of this centre, Mr Vinod Jain, started to convince them about the improved breeds and AI. After a number of meetings, some famers agreed to adopt AI in their cows. Mrs. Satreena Bai was one of the individuals who allowed AI in her cow. When her cow came into heat, she got it inseminated using Gir breed semen with the help of the J K Trust Gopal. The Gopal monitored her cow continuously. After nine months, her cow gave birth to a healthy male calf. She was initially disappointed that she got a male calf but the Gopal convinced her to make it a quality bullock. After eighteen months, the calf grew into a beautiful bullock. She was very happy when her bullock was sold for Rs.10, 000/-. She used this money to renovate her house in the village. Now she is living in her new and better house. Seeing the benefits, other farmers of Kumharkhan village and other adjacent villages developed an interest in this scheme and came forward to participate and reap the benefits.