Agriculture & Fodder

Without a doubt, livestock is a crucial part of every farmer's life and hence it needs to be taken care of and fed well. The significance of nutritious fodder lies in the fact that it can enhance the milk production capability of the farmer's livestock, thereby enabling an enhancement in his income levels. The fodder needs of an enhanced animal also go up. And hence, good quality fodder needs to be supplemented. JKTGVY equips and supports the farmers with the know-how of scientifically proven methods to increase yield and also be self-reliant to address the need of livestock for nutritious fodder. JKTVY has activated three key enablers towards making a farmer self-reliant for his agricultural and fodder needs, viz: 

1. Fodder Multiplication Centres (FMC)

Required fodder seeds are provided to the farmers throughout the year through FMC centres. Practical demonstrations and training are provided to the farmers. Fodder Development Officers are posted in each FMC to provide technical guidance to farmers at the field level. Under the FMC projects, farmers are trained for deploying improved fodder techniques like Urea Straw Treatment, Azolla cultivation, Silage preparation etc. to improve the fodder quality.

A Fodder Multiplication Centre serves the following objectives:

  • Create awareness among the farmers regarding nutritional fodder crops and enrichment of roughages through effective demonstrations.
  • Provide adequate technical guidance to farmers at the field level.
  • Meet the nutritional requirement through green fodder and roughages.
  • Supply of seeds / plantation materials to the farmers.

How does it work?

  • Fodder Multiplication Centres (FMCs) are established in areas of operation of ILDCs.
  • Each FMC covers an operational area of five ILDCs.
  • A Fodder Development Officer is posted in each FMC to provide technical guidance to farmers at the field level. 
  • FMCs are responsible to perform targeted demonstrations in the villages under each ILDC.

2. Fodder Seeds Development Centers(FSDC)

FSDCs take up the activities necessary to meet the demand of farmers for quality fodder seeds / saplings to cultivate fodder crops.Oats, Berseem, Maize, Hybrid Napier etc. are cultivated and the seeds are distributed to farmers to cultivate their own fodder.

3. Agriculture Training and Capacity Building

JKTGVY provides training and enables capacity building of farmers in agriculture, employing the latest tools and techniques, improving agricultural yield, training in NPM (Non-Pesticide Management) approaches, Organic Farming etc.